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2017-10-07 11:17 am

On Windows Phone, because I need to justify my brand loyalty to myself

At some level, at some point, I'm sure someone will be intersted in a peek into the mind of someone who is looking into getting a Lumia 950 two years after it was released. And is looking into getting it used, because even bloody Microsoft has given up on their smartphones, going by their online store around here.

wherein I start talking about smartphone politics and somehow end up concluding that everything was better during the war )

ETA: So let's talk about the further irony of the timing of this post, and let me add that my Lumia 950xl arrived yesterday and it is a marvel in all ways. It even has a real xbox Go app.
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2017-05-02 10:24 am

Today: New phone. Ish.

I'm a Windows Phone stan.

It's mostly because after a month of using it, my attempts at navigating my mum's Samsung and my dad's applephone were about as elegant as I expect my eightysomething grandma would be at it. Look, I'm absolutely aware that nobody is going to start using WP unless they're native users or is told to by their work, but I maintain that the WP UI is far more user-friendly and intuitive than Android and IOS, and that it is a goddamn tragedy that people won't use it because ew Microsoft.

The problem with WP, of course, is that few people = few apps. I've been doing just fine with it, but when my mum became enough of a Kleinbürger to get a new phone simply because the camera sucked at the current one.... well, the current one was handed down to me. She was very happy in her belief that I'll finally be on Snapchat.

But unless something extraordinary happens, the plan is that it becomes my designated running phone, because Zombies, Run only ever released S1 on WP and stopped support in 2012.

I might be a year later for Pokémon Go, but FE: Heroes will be faaaaar more recent.