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tl;dr watch them if you're a fan, but don't go to them if you want a taste of what the series are really about. This is Tsubasa on valium and xxxHolic on ACID.

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Jul. 8th, 2016 01:41 pm
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I don't know what people normally do when passing through Paddington Station on their way to Heathrow, but I for my part picked up the novel "Billy and Me", which sounded absolute rubbish from the summary but had a pretty cover. I'm nearly halfway in, and it reads like shitty fanfic. This is interesting not so much from the perspective of story quality and what kind of nonsense obviously is deemed good enough to be published by Penguin and have four stars on Goodreads - it's interesting because I suddenly realised that that particular brand of grating narrative voice isn't necesssarily the mark of inexperienced ficwriters, it's actually something they've picked up from real, published books. It's a particularly self-absorbed first-person narrator that was similarly present the last time I tried chick-lit, too, and so seems to be a genre marker and not just the writers being unskilled. And even though my only real impression of "Billy and Me" is to find it refreshingly contemporary British and to find the heroine an idiot and god I wish she'd stop talking, I'm sticking it out because it's quick and I feel like I should have more than two books to point to when complaining about all the people who have no idea about good books. This I feel entitled to because a lot of the comics I read fall firmly into the "cute but pointless and not even very good" box, as should be obvious by how I'm apprently going through my Clamp collection anew.


AKA the one that even Tsubasa ignored )

So talking about fanfic: Here's the plot of "Wish" except that the entire cast is likeable and the implications of Kohaku's fate are followed to their logical conclusion

But "Angel Egg~ For Haru And Ruri" is one of my favourite pieces of Clamp music ♥

Crossover count: None (but plays a part in Legal Drug and Kobato)
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SooOO Tokyo Babylon, boys and girls!
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Crossover count: The Clamp Campus series
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So thanks to a conversation on Fandomsecrets, I realised something extremely important.

Veterinary medicine was obviously not the branch of medicine that Seishirou Sakurazuka should have pursued.

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Today, on "What's Wrong With The Tsubasa/xxxHolic Verse": The list of plot-carrying characters who are NOT, knowingly or unknowingly, living under some variety of false identity!

1. Fei Wan Reed
(2. Doumeki, if you count him as plot-carrying)

Here goes the spoilers )

Writing this, I also had another epiphany: there is one single plot element that could have made Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 3x less terrible: if we the readers were at any point uncertain about whether or not Sakura will remember Syaoran again. If it was at any point real, tangible doubt that he could get the girl. I don't care how - be it that Yuko's price was mentioned frequently enough to remind us that it existed as a real, fateful condition. Be it that there was a romantic rival who appeared as a real threat. Be it that the core of the bloody plot was less adamant about how THE WORLD WILL END IF SYAORAN AND SAKURA DO NOT GET TO SHAG.

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I read "Suki, A Like Story" years ago, and wrote it off as boring and badly suffering from Clamp's icky ideas of how love works. I read it again, and I changed my mind. A bit.

Not as dumb as I used to think but still plenty uncomfortable )
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The first anime I ever saw was probably something eighties shoujo on Swedish television - because it WAS in Swedish and it was only by the time I got into anime ten years later that I could recognise the style of a faint childhood memory that I never forgot.

But the first anime I was conscious of as anime was Pokémon. And Clamp School Detectives debuted a month later. So there's your nostalgia factor: late nineties children's anime, with all the animation conventions and trends of that once upon a time. Speed lines! Funky watercolour backgrounds! Kappei Yamaguchi! They don't make them like that any longer.

This got horrendously long )

Summary: It's cute but it's nineties children's anime and there's nothing remarkable to it except that the main characters show up in a certain later Clamp manga. Cardcaptor Sakura does the same thing and does it better. Bonus ew: Clamp's disturbing philosophies on love.


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I started re-reading Chobits but it got to the point where I just didn't feel like wasting more time on it and just skipped ahead to read all the "oh Clamp" parts. The conclusion would be that the series is very cute but particularly the early parts are pandering to an audience of which I am not a part. Unfortunately, the story fails to engage me like it should (thus the skipping) and the final conclusion is... yeah, more on that below.

I'll just say the two things I really liked: the art style and the way more or less every character was portrayed. Except for the part with the nineteen year old girl and the man who was twice her age and married to his computer, and not in the figurative way.

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