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Here's the shocker of the year: I'm at episode fifteen of Samurai Flamenco, and am low-key upset that I'm visiting relatives with no wi-fi and will have to wait until I get home to see watch the rest.

I didn't expect to like Samurai Flamenco. The reviews I've read have agreed that it starts out okay and becomes a mess in the second half, so maybe it's just the low expectations that made this unexpectedly fun? Rest assured, I won't be the person who tells you that this is a great anime. But I did find it lovable.

One review made the point that this series is really several different series, thanks to a number of WTF plot twists and story arcs with wildly different focuses. This is true, but it's also a description that makes it sound like the plot twists are bigger than they felt like to me. But in order to discuss how successful it was at being several different shows in one, I'm going to discuss the first of those plot twists. So: Spoilers for episode seven ahoy, but I honestly think you'll need to know about this one to know what you're getting into anyway.

If you don't want that, then this is what I took away from it: Samurai Flamenco might be a parody or homage, but for people who aren't familiar with Super Sentai beyond that it exists, it's really hard to tell. So for us, it's ridiculous. But I had fun watching it anyway. Also, did I mention the lesbian OT3?

show me the show with a lesbian OT3 that isn't ridiculous )
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The thing with living in small-ish language spaces is that getting into any foreign thing that isn't strictly mainstream means BUYING STUFF ONLINE AND IT'S HELLA EXPENSIVE. Thinking back, I'm pretty sure that the single factor of international shipping and custom fees is at least 70% responsible for the fact that my anime collection is relatively high quality, or at least made up of things I sincerely enjoy. The only anime I have bought and dropped was Eureka Seven, and my dropping it had less to do with quality and more to do with rage at certan decisions on behalf of the writers. I lived on student loans; I couldn't afford to just "check something out". If I was going to get it, then I was going to be sure it'd be worth it. I read a lot of reviews.

Having a Crunchyroll subscription presents me with problems that just never existed in my life before: At what point should I stop watching? As someone who strives to have Opinions on things, I feel obliged to at least watch it all if I'm going to whine about it afterwards. Thing is, I should be reading Good Books instead of watching trashy anime, or at least re-read good fanfic or something. It should be a hint when I need to remind myself to watch, I guess.

SO ABOUT THE ROYAL TUTUR, which obviously needed reminding:

I don't know what it wants to be. The less funny and less emotionally engaging and completely genre-abiding version of Ouran? The grade school version of Maoyuu? Some weird, platonic student-teacher take on the Otome genre? Except the character design is a lie, and the manga at least is shounen. It obviously isn't memorable, and it's predictable AF, and clearly not interested in a frank discussion of the things royalty needs to learn in order to rule well.

TL;DR summary: In Shinyland (that's the literal translation, boys and girls!), there are five potential heirs to the throne. The four youngest live in the royal castle, and have successfully proven their lacking kingship skills by driving away all their tutors. Obviously, things change when the next tutor in line is Heine Wittgenstein, who to no-one's surprise reforms the four princes by the ideas at the fundament of modern pedagogy.

There's not a lot of plot to it. There is, in fact, like three episodes of just basic classroom leadership (get all the kids present and make them shut up and listen to you) before the tutoring even starts, and the focus isn't the content on the tutoring as much as it it watch the princes have epiphanies, learn about the true meaning of governance, ponder their true desires in life. And as said, it's... juvenile, at this point. Yeah, of course you want everyone to be happy; that's admirable, but the youngest of you is 14, so maybe we should also ponder how you're going to pay for that?

According to a friend of mine who follows the manga, there's at least more drama and succession intrigue going on there. What we're getting here is "spoiled teenagers reconsider their vision of life, gets ambitions" in an artstyle that is a weird mix of bishounen and chibi. It's fairly visible that the anime is really just the setup arc to a bigger story, but that probably isn't coming; there's an anime-original ending that is nothing else than what it of course has to be when a mysterious new teacher comes in from no-where to transform the lives of troubled childreen. Unfortunately, this anime doesn't trust its viewers enough to handle even that take on the realities of life.

More than anything, I feel that this anime was made for a younger audience than most people watching anime in the west. It's cute and it's impossible to hate, but if someone asked me why they should spend six hours watching this, I'd struggle to answer. Like... if you really really like cute teenage boys have non-problems? Because everything else in this anime has been done better elsewhere.
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1. It's really pretty and regretably boring

2. And I mean regretably in the sense that it's gorgeously animated, that it's about a genre of music that is so very near and dear to my heart, that it's about women and women's friendship and oh my god that festival scene and don't lie, you KNOW that this would've had a fandom to rival Free! if they had been boys instead

3. I'm torn between celebrating the bari sax representation and feeling offended by it being played by a Japanese teenage girl using a neckstrap, not a harness

4. I mean, this IS pretty much just the girl equivalent to Free! with Makoto as the MC and Rin and Haru merged into one character

5. Nagisa/Midori OTP y/y?

6. If you ever wondered if fandom really loved women as much as it claims it does, look no further than to the fact that this has like five pages of fic on AO3

7. Not that I expect you to care, but Nagisa somehow became the "always opposite sexuality as all the other boys" to me so either he's the gay one or he's the straight one, and I really need that Nagisa/Midori fic okay
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So I watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica and I definitely think it would've been better if it wasn't so hyped, by which I of course mean that my expectations were high and this didn't live up to them, which of course isn't a fault in the series itself.

The moeblog character design, though? THERE IS NO EXCUSE.

I'm not sure what it set out to do, but I feel pretty confident that it was a mission that probably wasn't needed. Not really a review, but also no spoilers. )

Love Stage

Mar. 2nd, 2017 09:18 pm
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I wasn't expecting much when I sat down to watch Love Stage, and I sure as hell wasn't expecting to watch half of it in one sitting, prompting the reaction that:

1. This is better than I expected
2. Gravitation was better

It takes that whole "fell in love as a child and have never let them go in the ten years since" and takes it where it inevitably would have to go some day, because our poor, obsessed love interest didn't know that his first love was a boy.

A moeblob-lovin' otaku with delusions about becoming a manga artist, at that. No, seriously, they bribe him with a body pillow to kiss another guy, it's...

clickbait )

No. 6

Feb. 18th, 2017 10:26 pm
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This story starts sometime in 2014, I think, when see this collection of images of what I think is two boys.

I don't know the series, I *think* it's fanart because it's really slash-looking but for some reason I also think it's not? - and there's something about it that really captivates me. I save it, and wonder if I'll ever know where it's from. It's not something I ever feel strongly enough about to go plastering up all over social media going HAVE YOU SEEN THESE KIDS BEFORE. But I remember it, from time to time, and wonder what kind of story it was from.

Come 2016 and the Yuri on Ice discourse. Specifically the part about how uh no, they didn't "hide the kiss because of censorship" because there's been gay stuff in anime since the nineties at least and IF that thing in YoI was a kiss, then it sure as hell wasn't the first time a same-sex kiss had been shown between main characters in a non-BL anime. Guys, No. 6 happened like five years ago.

I probably wouldn't have ever gotten to know where white-haired kid and is-it-a-girl-or-a-guy came from if a certain subset of the anime fandom hadn't believed in Yuri!!! on Ice like middle America believed in Donald J. Trump, and for that reason alone, I guess I'm grateful for it.

I mean, and JJ.

but was it GOOD )

ETA: Or just read the manga
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I've been on the internet since 2000; this story is not even close to the most effed up erotica I've encountered. I've... read some manga. I'm not entirely surprised that it was picked up by a professional publisher. I will admit that I didn't expect it to be animated, but well - it's Japan.

What I did not expect was to find it dubbed to German.

I can only agree with one of the commenters over at YT: If I were one of the VAs, I'd spend more time crying from laughter on the floor than on reading my lines. Because this? This is exactly what the title tells you that it is, and of course I had to watch it.

I guess I should tell you all about it, huh. )
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Just head over to tumblr for

1. My thoughts on ep. 12

2. Some ramblings on Yuri's thing with Yuko and one of the ways they wasted a metric ton of potential

3. Running commentary on episode 8-11, while drunk

But in summary: I liked the ending well enough, but this anime is a mess and nowhere as good as the people are screaming it is
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tl;dr watch them if you're a fan, but don't go to them if you want a taste of what the series are really about. This is Tsubasa on valium and xxxHolic on ACID.

Not really a review, because you don't need it )
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This is so pointless, but we're all fools for love.

Magic Kaito 1412 is an adaptation of a late eightes/early nineties manga of the same name. It is mostly interesting today because its protagonist would become a ridiculously popular recurring character in the much more famous Detective Conan. Magic Kaito 1412 tells his story as it is told in the little-known manga, and as it is not told in Conan.

Gentleman thief shenanigans and how it probably won't be worth your time )
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I initially felt like I should watch it again before I did opinions Unfortunately, it did not invite to instant re-watch, like some Ghibli films have. It's got a lot in common with Only Yesterday, in that aspect: For being one of the most profound films I have ever seen, it was storywise uneventful.

But fascinating, and never boring. And I stayed home from work due to a bad cold. )

Analysis BS because it's there )
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I refuse to be the person who told that you X was a good anime, but one thing that struck me as odd about it was how quickly it went by: it was a good twenty-four episodes, and yet they all felt so short even though the show for all intents and purposes was ridiculous. Fine, I binge-watched it in good company, but still: if it wasn't at least good at what it was doing, we wouldn't have been able to spend two days doing that.

Compare The Galaxy Railways, which at twenty-four episodes took me - what, a year and a half of on-and-off watching to finish?

All I needed to know about the Leijiverse I learned from Interstella, and so should you )

Free! 2.0

Oct. 26th, 2014 04:39 pm
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Free! has a really banal plot: will swimming prodigy Rin make up with his childhood friends? There's only one possible ending to a story like that.

This also left it wide open for a sequel, because sure, why not make another twelve episodes about dreams and friendship and handsome boys who spend 60% of their screentime in skintight swimsuits? It's not like it was the clever plot that made people watch the first season either.

Let's talk about the failures and successes of that ambition, at absurd length )
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I watched Weiss Kreuz, mostly just to cross it off the list. And in conclusion: it has the makings of something that could be a truly awesome guilty pleasure thing. It could've stood as an interesting precursor to Death Note. It could've been a mass-marketing franchise - well, I guess it was, in its time? But sadly, it's too overwhelmingly awful to get even close to that potential. I've read AU fanfic that writes Weiss Kreuz ten times better than Weiss Kreuz is written.

That said, I watched all of it in less than a week without having to force myself to, and hey, if you want to familiarise yourself with one of the staples of the late nineties anime, I might as well tell you what to expect so that you won't get your hopes up. But the thing is, I think I might've liked it better than I want to admit, because dear lord did this get long.

It's super awful unless you're smack in the middle of Free!'s target group, in which case it MIGHT be merely 'pretty bad' )

And then the irony of it it all: you should just skip straight to the sequel. Maybe. )

Find a drinking game and watch Weiss Kreuz drunk, and then you can watch Glühen sober? I don't know. In the end, I didn't regret watching it. Hell, I might even watch it again some day if I seriously haven't got anything better to do. I don't doubt that the fandom might've been awesome.
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There are things I have watched or read because they're considered classics. There those I got into because I've liked some other work by the same creator. Finally, there are those that somehow made a name for themselves in spite of the seeming absurdity of the concept. Mawara Penguindrum technically goes under all three, but mostly the last one. "Penguindrum", come on.

That said, google tells me that popular reception is mixed. Is it a brilliant work of astounding philosophical depth that conveys its ideas through a veil of symbolism and a visual product unmatched by anything ever, or is it a pretentious narrative turd which tries to mask its clichés and incoherent plot by vomiting colour and J-pop all over the audience?

The internet jury is still out, but I loved it.

More on the anime that changed my life at least a tiny bit because yes, THAT GOOD )
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The first anime I ever saw was probably something eighties shoujo on Swedish television - because it WAS in Swedish and it was only by the time I got into anime ten years later that I could recognise the style of a faint childhood memory that I never forgot.

But the first anime I was conscious of as anime was Pokémon. And Clamp School Detectives debuted a month later. So there's your nostalgia factor: late nineties children's anime, with all the animation conventions and trends of that once upon a time. Speed lines! Funky watercolour backgrounds! Kappei Yamaguchi! They don't make them like that any longer.

This got horrendously long )

Summary: It's cute but it's nineties children's anime and there's nothing remarkable to it except that the main characters show up in a certain later Clamp manga. Cardcaptor Sakura does the same thing and does it better. Bonus ew: Clamp's disturbing philosophies on love.



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