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I've been on the internet since 2000; this story is not even close to the most effed up erotica I've encountered. I've... read some manga. I'm not entirely surprised that it was picked up by a professional publisher. I will admit that I didn't expect it to be animated, but well - it's Japan.

What I did not expect was to find it dubbed to German.

I can only agree with one of the commenters over at YT: If I were one of the VAs, I'd spend more time crying from laughter on the floor than on reading my lines. Because this? This is exactly what the title tells you that it is, and of course I had to watch it.

Our story starts with our hero Mira late for his first day of high school, since his father Kyousuke insisted they skip breakfast in favour of hanky-panky. Yeah, we're there, and the rest is what I assume is pretty standard BL fare of how half the boys in school are in love with him while he's busy having his heart broken by his young, dashing movie star father staying out late probably dating women and stuff. Things are upped even further by the first episode ending with the ~tragic reveal~ that Kyousuke isn't his father after all.

If anything ever was an indication of the BL genre's relationship with reality, then it was that this not only exists, but exists as a serious product into which serious companies invested money and serious actors contributed with their talent (for god's sake, Shinichiro Miki). Take that story to any western audience, and you have a horrorshow of incestuous grooming. In Japan? lol just a kinda racy take on the same old story.

In short, the setup is ridiculous and everything about this is ridiculous, and even if it weren't then it'd still be a predicable AF tale consisting entirely of clich├ęs that you'll find better done elsewhere. The saddest part is probably how very decent the entire production is. Nowhere close to artistically outstanding, but working well enough to never distract you from the fact that you're watching a teenage boy have an emotional crisis about how his special bond with his father wasn't so special after all. And hey, think about the people who went through the job of actually making this very special story come to life. I kinda think we owe it to them to watch it and then laugh about it.
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