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1. It's really pretty and regretably boring

2. And I mean regretably in the sense that it's gorgeously animated, that it's about a genre of music that is so very near and dear to my heart, that it's about women and women's friendship and oh my god that festival scene and don't lie, you KNOW that this would've had a fandom to rival Free! if they had been boys instead

3. I'm torn between celebrating the bari sax representation and feeling offended by it being played by a Japanese teenage girl using a neckstrap, not a harness

4. I mean, this IS pretty much just the girl equivalent to Free! with Makoto as the MC and Rin and Haru merged into one character

5. Nagisa/Midori OTP y/y?

6. If you ever wondered if fandom really loved women as much as it claims it does, look no further than to the fact that this has like five pages of fic on AO3

7. Not that I expect you to care, but Nagisa somehow became the "always opposite sexuality as all the other boys" to me so either he's the gay one or he's the straight one, and I really need that Nagisa/Midori fic okay

Date: 2017-05-03 03:05 pm (UTC)
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*nods sadly in agreement with all of this*

I wanted to like the series more than I did. I love the animation, the backgrounds, the little details that absolutely sell it for me in terms of the music and the performances. But the characters themselves just fell a little too flat for me to really be engaged with their struggles and desires and needs.

(I also feel like Kyoani did that thing where they made the festival scene and then were like shit, shit, we made them too gay and pushed Shuichi forward to be Kumiko's love interest at the last minute. Which I know he was in the light novels, but the pacing felt off.)


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