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Fun fact: A depressing amount of my actual interest in Yuri!!! on Ice could, at some point, probably be traced back to its thing for katsudon, since katsudon has been high on my list of exotic food I'd like to try an authentic version of ever since I discovered Cooking With Dog some five years ago

Fact 1: I'm no fan of cooking, and yet I cook my meals from scratch. This because it saves money, but more importantly, because I'll at least know what exactly it is I'm eating.

Fact 2: So I'm not gourmand, which means that 90% of what I cook are varieties of soups or stews that can be made in big quantities and frozen for easy microwaving the upcoming weeks. Soggy vegetables, unbalanced seasoning, weird combination of whatever the hell that was about to expire, that's where it's at. It's not something I serve other people, but my dietary demand is one hot, savoury meal daily and I hate wasting food.

Fact 3: It's a terrible, terrible thing to develop an addiction to youtube cooking channels when you're back to living on student loans in a tiny room with a not exactly well equipped kitchen. I've spent a sad amount of my life going through the archives of Titli's Busy Kitchen, Sorted Food, and this ridiculous cake channel. (my newest discovery is this Swedish thing, which I don't suppose a lot of you'll understand but look at those cakes)

Youtube, having clearly cottoned on to what's happening, has sent me over to Foodwishes, which is okay and all, and I liked the goofy narration. But I never realised why I was watching until this video happened. Now THAT is what cooking is all about.

But secretly I could do with more people doing recipes like this.

Date: 2017-03-15 11:48 am (UTC)
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oh man...Cooking with Dog kept me company during the first time I lived abroad (even if it was just a little over a month and in my sister's flat). I never tried so many recipes I normally wouldn't bc watching is enough for me and I don't have money for ingredients usually ^^;


Do you prefer channels with someone narrating? Just One Cookbook isn't bad. I haven't been watching them for very long though. And Ann Reardon just because it's awesome watching her create things even tho I know I'll never attempt them in my lifetime :D

(thanks for Food Wishes, I've got a new channel to sub to!)
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